May 15, 2019


  • Metrojet
  • Shanghai, China
Full time Engineering Executive Installation-Maint-Repair Management

Job Description

Job Description

  • Responsible for the Company’s aircraft maintenance and engineering management and to establish and maintain a maintenance engineering quality system conforming to CCAR-135, CCAR-91 and CCAR-145.
  • Oversee routine maintenance of aircraft and responsible for the management of aircraft maintenance and control work.
  • Responsible for the plan and organisation of maintenance and engineering; to organise the annual inspection of aircraft and develop the plan of aircraft maintenance.
  • Monitor airworthiness program in ensuring the continued airworthiness of the aircraft.
  • Plan, define and control the yearly operating budget of maintenance and to ensure that the maintenance costs are kept optimal. Perform necessary audit to ensure expenses are adhered to the company budget and operating needs.
  • Establish the Company’s maintenance training system and various types of maintenance training programs.
  • Responsible for the organisation and management of engineering and technical work.
  • Organise the preparation and revision of the Company’s management and technical manuals, including but not limited to Maintenance and Engineering Management Manual, Maintenance and Engineering Manual and Work Procedure Manual.
  • Responsible for the validity of the Company’s technical documents and information of aircraft.
  • Set and determine all engineering position requirements and the technical competence of the personnel in terms of authorizing aircraft inspection and maintenance work.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above in Engineering or additional qualifications in management
  • Holder of a CAAC Basic and Maintenance Management License and/or FAA, EASA, CAD Maintenance License.
  • Minimum 15 years in aviation industry, preferable with business aviation experience
  • More than 10 years of experience in managing a sizable team, preferably in aviation related industries
  • Strong background and exposure with both domestic and international vendors
  • Strong in managing P&L and devising business strategy plan
  • Strategic, excellent leadership skills, strong business acumen with high level of financial literacy
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written, in English and Chinese